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Whether you are selling or renting your home, high-quality, well-lit images are key to bookings and sales. I have spent considerable time working to raise the level of this type of photography. My window views are vivid and colorful. A beautiful beach/Landscape scene is added to any visible T.V. screens. I can even add fire to your fireplace photos.


Dining Tables can be set with available dishes, glassware, and silverware along with a flower arrangement or candles.


Exterior/Aerial Shots

Exterior shots including community pools and facilities when applicable, as well as aerial (drone) images are included. Graphic location markers are added to some of the aerial shots. If requested, a short, social media-friendly video, with still images, drone footage, and background music can be added to your package for an additional charge.


Helpful hints to improve the photos of your home -


All light bulbs function and use matching lightbulbs (avoid using cool white and incandescent bulbs) in the same room. 


Make sure your blinds and window coverings are functioning properly. If you have special features you want to draw attention to, please point those out to me before the scheduled shoot. I typically try to shoot during the early afternoon, but if you believe another time of day has better lighting, please advise.

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