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I am a Lifestyle photographer who loves to shoot action, beach portraits with creative lighting and vivid colors. With 2 state-of- the-art Sony Pro cameras on my shoulders, 2 different lenses, and my creativity - I capture different types of shots. I don’t like to micromanage my subjects! I use burst mode frequently and always try to get that candid shot.


I encourage you to look at some of the galleries of my site to see what my style looks like. All photographers have an editing style and it’s very clear immediately when comparing us. My style is colorful, bold and in very sharp detail. I like to try new and different things and the more fun we have, the better the images you will get!

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Delivery times vary based upon the size of the group, time of year and type of event. You will be advised at the end of your session of the approximate delivery date. We usually deliver your images in a week or less which is unheard of in the industry!


We do not guarantee availability of your images after 6 months. Therefore you should download and maintain your images.


Unless you advise otherwise, select images from your session may be shared on our social media. Please let us know if you would prefer not to share images.

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State Park Sunrise Session 


For State Park Sunrise shoots we meet at the locked, park entrance gate 30 minutes prior to sunrise. Due to the time sensitivity, punctuality is critical. If you do not show up within 15 minutes of the designated time you forfeit your deposit & we cancel. In urgent situations, call my cell phone (850)688-3237 to advise me of your situation and arrival time and I can advise if we will be able to proceed.

FOMO Silohuette Shots


FOMO Photography is one of the few photographers offering light painting or FOMO Silhouettes. These unique images are created using a special technique and equipment. They are done in the 15-30 minute window after sunset. During your Silouette consultation phone call, we can discuss attire, props and answer questions. You can anticipate a 20 minute sunset session followed by 20 minutes of posed light painting shooting. For examples, see the gallery.

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The only things that prevent me from shooting, is rain, lightning and winds above 18mph. I try to be as flexible as possible and will do my best to reschedule your session if possible during your visit. Overcast skies are some of my favorite sessions so don't worry if it's cloudy! I will refund your deposit if we cannot do your session due to these conditions.


When Will We Meet?


For Sunset Sessions, I generally like to meet 40 mins before sunset. You can see the exact time of sunset by going here . I will confirm our meeting time prior to the session. If we are doing a late afternoon or a sunrise session, I will provide the exact time to meet. Families with small children are encouraged to get them to take a late nap where possible. I am a father of 4 and a former cruise director and love to work with kids. I bring a mini trampoline and other toys to get their attention and have fun, but if they are cranky it can be a challenge!

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My sessions are priced according to different factors. For large family groups I appreciate a family breakdown to guide me, for this family of 12 example:


#1 Family  2 adults 2 kids,

#2 Family 2 Adults,

#3 Family 2 Adults 4 Kids


I will quote each family their individual rate rather than a lump sum. For a typical family of 4 you should expect 50-70 images. Families of 6 - 8 are 70-90 images and the number climbs as the group grows in size.


Full Moon Sessions


During Full Moon nights and the night before and after - I usually have a longer session and more images due to the amazing moonlit shots that we will get. I charge a slightly higher rate on these nights.

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I shoot anywhere from 800-2000 images in a session and select only the ones I feel are the best for editing. I am shooting with very high resolution, professional cameras in RAW format. They cannot be viewed by most computers without special software. Under no circumstances do we release the RAW, unedited image files. I  only release edited images and will provide a print release if requested.


I do not provide a gallery of all the images I shoot for obvious reasons. All of your edited images are included for download. Images are in JPEG format, suitable for printing with any provider you may choose. You may also order your prints directly from your gallery by marking them as a "favorite" and clicking on "Print Store" to view your options.


Prices vary according to size and media you wish to print on (i.e. canvas, paper, even T-shirts!) Please note: some images are shot wide and will require you to choose large format printing. When selecting the size, please note the blue preview box, that shows how the image will look when cropped if needed for that size..


What you see in the preview, is what you get. I am not responsible for order mistakes sent to the printing company. Please preview all orders before sending. We partner with one of the top processors in the country but you can download and print anywhere you like.


Upon delivery of your gallery, any adjustments or re-editing requests must be made within two (2) weeks of delivery of the gallery. Due to the size and volume of images shot, we do not store RAW files after the four (4) weeks.

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Cancellations must be made at least two (2) weeks prior to your session to be refunded. Refunds for last minute cancellation will only be made if I rebook your session. I will apply your deposit to a future session if you rebook.

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